White Spots On Tonsils

Are Those White Spots On Your Tonsils, Or Leftover Food?

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White spots on tonsils may be what’s also known as tonsilloliths or tonsil stones. Another term for this particular condition is cryptic tonsils, because these “stones” take root in tonsil crypts, which are divots or pockets on the tonsils’ surface. So what on earth are these things?

It has in fact been the main topic of very recent research, and only a short while ago has there been any real concrete facts made known about these.

They’re basically packets of mucus coated food particles that have become lodged into these divots, and much like how an oyster secretes a substance around a grain of sand to make a pearl, mucus is then released around these food particles which in turn slightly solidifies around them.

It’s then why these show up as white spots on tonsils and can become cumbersome.

Unfortunately, until this recent research has revealed the facts,these have been often wrongly diagnosed as something similar which prescription antibiotics are supplied for as a treatment.

White spots on tonsils will easily cause your breath to begin smelling very bad and you’re simply likely to notice that no one is going to want to be near you. One of the leading signs that you might be dealing with white spots on tonsils is that you simply will discover that your throat will become extremely irritated.

If you happen to look in the mirror it may be difficult to notice them unless you really know what you are searching for.

Indications of White Spots on Tonsils:

Smaller stones may bring no effect to your life, larger tonsil stones will provide a certain degree of negativity to your life,as they become more difficult to deal with.Look out for the following

  • Foul Smell: Larger stones are prone to emitting a nasty odor and this sooner or later causes bad breath .The bad breath is usually a indication that an individual is affected with cryptic tonsils. In general if sulfur compounds exist in the individual’s breath it could be a good indication that the person has tonsil stones. However, stated above earlier bad breath alone can not be attributed to tonsiliths/tonsil stones however it generally is one of the causes.
  • White-yellowish spots/lumps seen at back of throat
  • Usually comes along with tonsil infection
  • Sore throat which often can be associated with swallowing difficulties
  • Awful taste at the back of throat or roof of mouth
  • Swollen Tonsils tonsils caused by inflammation
  • Ear pain or itch: These stones may also cause ear ache due to the connected nerve ways.

If you are prone to these irritating white spots on your throat, then you will need to ensure that you practice good oral hygiene. Be careful not to use any old mouth wash as some of these contain alcohol the will just maker things worse.

The are quite a number of products around that are oxygenated.Studies have shown that oxygen has the ability to greatly reduce white spots on tonsils and bad breath as bacteria generally thrives in areas where oxygen levels are poor.

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