Tonsil Stones

Mutating Tonsil Stones Are Nasty And Can Implode Your Social Life If Left Untreated

If you have recently discovered white or yellowish stones or spots on your tonsils, have bad breath and are too embarrassed to ask anyone about it, then this is for you.

  • Those white spots or stones lodged in your tonsils are called tonsil stones
  • They are formed by bacteria, mucus and bits of food that gather in the crevices of the tonsils and calcify to form stones.
  • They cause discomfort when swallowing, and result in inflamed tonsils quite often
  • Manually removing them will not get rid of them permanently

If you thought that was the only problem you had to face

They smell absolutely foul and cause bad breath in 75% of people that suffer with tonsil stones.

Cases have been recorded where these stones have mutated into monster-sized globs as big as 1 inch in size.

.And Worst of All

Your social life could grind to a halt due to avoiding interaction with others as a result of bad breath.

How do tonsil stones occur?

Simply, they come because “garbage” gathers around your tonsils, and when that garbage (things like post nasal drip, food particles, and bacteria) gets caught in tonsil crevices, it hardens into small yellow colored stones that can look like white spots at the back of the throat.

Overactive salivary glands and a reaction to dairy products can also cause tonsilloliths.

Not long ago, people simply thought these tonsillar stones were bits of food or bits of plaque that got caught in the back of the throat — and indeed, they are very small, such that normal physical examinations may not catch them; in some cases, they won’t be seen until a more refined test is used, like a CT scan.

What are the tonsil stones symptoms you can expect to encounter?

Symptoms can be embarrassing and unpleasant indeed. If you have tonsil stones, you can feel as though something is stuck in the back of your throat or that your throat is somehow “tightening.”

You may have a metallic taste in your mouth, and you’ll almost always have chronic bad breath.

If you experience any of the following  it may be a good idea to have it checked out.

  • Metallic taste in the mouth.
  • Difficulty in swallowing
  • Sore throat
  • Very bad breath
Tonsillectomy 150x150 Tonsil Stones

big tonsil stones

The bigger  stones will usually give off a foul smell, resulting in very bad breath. Research has shown that as many as 75% of people who have tonsil stones will also suffer from bad breath as a result.

Adults are at higher risk of developing tonsiliths than children. Anyone with their tonsils intact can contract this condition.

A study of sufferers with a form of recurring tonsillitis ( was used in a unique test, to ascertain if unstable sulfur chemical compounds were included in the subjects’ breath. The presence of these horrible-smelling compounds supplied objective evidence of smelly breath.

The researchers determined that 75% of the people who had abnormally large concentrations of these types of compounds also had tonsilloliths, or tonsil stones.

Other researchers have advised that tonsil stones be looked at in cases when the cause of simple chronic halitosis is in question.

Dr. Harold Katz, known as the bad breath ( guru and founder of the Californa Breath Clinics, has been doing research in the field since 1994. He has made great strides and with the research findings he has developed a very effective  cure.

Dr. Katz is also the author of the bad breath bible that provides invaluable insight into the causes of halitosis and tonsil stones.

As with any form of treatment you decide to try, you must give it time to be effective and get the desired results. Tonsil stones are foul smelling and can cause discomfort but the good news is that you can rid yourself of them permanently.

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  1. I used to suffer with tonsil stones before but only today have I found out what they are actually called. I used to get small ones occasionally but since I bought a tounge cleaner I haven’t suffered with them at all so I would suggest buying one and using it daily as well as brushing your teeth twice a day. I hope this helps. :)

  2. hi i have had tonsil stones since i was 16 and im now 24 i constently asked my doctor about white things in my throat finally she seen it one day took a cotton swab and said it was nothing to worry about it was just food. they used to come maybe once a month or every 2 months i would just take a cotton swab and take it out thinking it was just food but over the last year i have been getting them about once a week or every 2 weeks. I dont have any side effects from it at all just the fact that i can feel it in my tonsil so its annoying so i pluck it out and go on about my day. I do have acute asthma but havent had any problems with breathing over the past 3 years. Should i bring this to my doctors attention now that i have an idea what it actually is?

  3. I think it is a good idea to bring it to your doctor’s attention. Also monitor your situation going forward as research has shown that 75% of people that suffer from tonsil stones also have bad breath.

  4. i just started having tonsil stones at first they were coming out easy but now they r getting hard to get out.. if i go to the docters what will they do

  5. I’ve had recurring tonsil stones for close to 20 years, but found out what they are only recently. Until then, I had associated the patches with candidiasis. I probably had been getting them even before I was aware of them, but they started getting bigger. I’ve never tried dislodging one with any kind of tool. When they grow large enough, they cause me to gag, which dislodges them. I can also force them to dislodge by gagging and coughing voluntarily. It can be rather embarrassing, though, when I sneeze or cough unintentionally and a stone shoots out of my mouth. Fortunately, I don’t remember ever being in a situation in which anyone else was near enough to notice.

    My tonsil stones do grow quite large, but are not completely solid – they unroll when handled. I’ve also gotten rid of them by eating garlic or taking golden seal. I always brush my tongue, but that doesn’t seem to help. They seem to grow rapidly when I eat a lot of sweets. I get them fairly often (sometimes on both sides at once), but less frequently if I avoid sweets.

    I hadn’t realized the foul smell, but I probably do have bad breath. Once when I was visiting family, I started to pick up the dog one morning when she suddenly turned her head away from me, her eyes bulging (that’s a pretty bad sign when a dog is critical of your breath). I usually do have a nasty taste in my mouth when I first wake up, so I rinse with mouth wash. I wonder if that and the tongue brushing are enough to keep the odor at bay while the stones are present?

    My tonsils did swell fairly often from my teens until my early thirties. My last bout of tonsilitis was especially severe. I believe it was soon afterwards that I began noticing the white patches, because I remember attributing them to the round of antibiotics I’d taken (plus the many antibiotics I took for upper respiratory infections throughout my 20’s).

    Now that I know what the white patches are, I’d like to get rid of them permanently. They can be pretty bothersome when they’re large, even making it difficult to swallow. I’ve had ear aches, too, as I did last week when I had a very large stone on the same side. I’ve read some about laser re-surfacing, and am thinking that may be my best option. BTW, I’m wondering if tonsil stones and kidney stones may be related, since they both contain calcaneous material? Could the tonsils even be functioning to prevent debris from reaching the kidneys and other organs where it might form stones? (I have had kidney stones before, but not for a long time).

  6. I’ve had tonsil stones since I was 16 and am now 27. I use to think I was coughing up califlower until realizing that if I wasn’t eating it then I wasn’t coughing it up either. I’ve since found out what they are but haven’t found a cure. I brush my teeth 2 or more times a day, gargle with mouth wash, gargle with warm salt water, try pushing them out, and am now using nasal spray all which have yet to stop the formation which I don’t always see them but I can feel them, especially on my left side. I’ve switched to using organic milk for my cereal but even when I go dairy less for a few weeks such as on vacation, no help. They are very annoying things.

  7. Today I noticed my first tonsil stone so I took a cotton swab and got it out I don’t see anything else but it still feels like there’s something back there is this normal or is there more that I just can’t see?

  8. I have had tonsil stones off and on for many years and thought it was just food, so I never saw a doctor about them. I just would remove them myself by poking them out with my finger and trying not to gag myself. Then I would gargle Listerine to get rid of the nasty taste in my mouth. I have had chronic sinusitis for years. I went to an allergist and was tested for allergies as well as lactose intolerance but tested negative. He put me on aggressive antibiotics, which worked for a while but it came back after a few months. Problem is, antibiotics get rid of your good bacteria that also kills this stuff. So someone told me to take Probiotics and I FINALLY got better. So that’s what I suggest for anyone with this problem.

  9. Hey Melissa
    My suggestion is not to rush into getting a tonsillectomy. You can actually cure tonsil stones without having surgery. As for mouthwash, don’t just buy any mouthwash as most of them contain alcohol.This does not get rid of bad breath.

    The go to guy if you are serious about sorting out bad breath is Dr. Harold Katz. He’s helped cure millions of people with bad breath and he has a product range that is specifically developed for this.
    Download the bad breath bible from this link. Thanks

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