Tonsil Stones Treatment-What Is Best?

Immediate tonsil stones treatment is often desired,when dealing with the discomfort and bad breath ushered in by these stones, . There are many different treatment methods available that range from home tonsil stones treatment to surgical treatment. Each has its own success rate and cost.

Home Tonsil Stones Treatment

There are special picks and swabs that exist to help you physically dislodge any tonsil stones you have. If you choose to use a home method, be sure to read the package instructions carefully and take your time with the treatment. Salt water gargles can help you treat the discomfort associated with tonsil stones and may even dislodge the stone. Whichever method you use, once you dislodge the stone, be sure to follow tonsil stone prevention practices like good oral hygiene and tongue scraping to avoid future incidents.

At home treatments are very affordable and, when executed correctly, are very successful. Unfortunately, many injuries can also occur when at home treatments are used. A slip of the tool into the tonsils from a shaky hand can cause pain and bleeding. At home gargling is the safest at home treatment technique and the easiest to administer.

Antibiotic Tonsil Stones Treatment

Since tonsil stones are caused by a bacteria, antibiotics are a popular tonsil stones treatment option. A visit to your dentist or primary care physician will get you the prescription you need. After treatment, be sure to begin an oral hygiene regimen that discourages future tonsil stones growth. Another preventative measure that can help you avoid other outbreaks includes restricting yourself from eating up to 30 minutes before bed.

Antibiotics have a very good success rate and are very affordable. Many people have sensitivity to antibiotics and will encounter stomach upset, nausea and diarrhea. If you choose antibiotics for treatment, be sure to take the pills as directed.

Surgical Tonsil Stones Treatment

The last option for tonsil stones treatment is a surgical option. This is generally used when the stones are very large and disruptive of daily life or when the discomfort they cause turns into pain. During surgery the surgeon will cut out the stone and remove it.

Surgery is the most successful method of tonsil stones removal, but without proper follow up preventative oral care, the tonsil stones will make a reappearance. Surgery is also the most expensive option so you should check with your insurance company to ensure that it is a covered procedure before you schedule it.