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Is A Tonsil Stone Dangerous?

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A tonsil stone is merely the common, non medical term that is given to a tonsillolith. It is formed when materials like mucous, dead white blood cells and other harmful particles clump up together and become trapped in the crevices of the tonsils. The tonsils are there for one purpose and that is to stop airborne viruses and other bacteria from gaining entry into the body via the throat. The problem is that they do not always do what they are supposed to do and usually end up causing more problems than solving them. This is what leads most people to just having tonsil surgery rather than deal with the problems they often present.

Who is at risk of getting a tonsil stone?

People that are more apt to getting a tonsil stone are those people who are prone to getting tonsillitis or those who regularly have cases of inflamed tonsils. What happens is when mucous or dead cells get caught in the crevices of the tonsils, they start to form a little white mass of material. As time goes on, this white glob will harden and eventually solidify, which is the “stone” in the name comes from. Typically, these stones are really very small in stature, but on rare occasions, they can be found to be much bigger in size.

The smaller it is, the harder it will be to see it. In fact, most of the smaller stones are so small, that the folds and crevices of the tonsils can easily hide them. So much so, that the only way to see them is with specialized medical imaging devices. The bigger stones, however, are usually easily visible just by looking at the back of your throat in a mirror. The difference between a big and small tonsillolith doesn’t end there, though. The bigger stone is also responsible for other symptoms that the smaller stones do not.

Can I get bad breath from having a tonsil stone?

For example, a bigger stonewill usually give off a foul smell, giving you very bad breath.Research has shown that 75% of individuals that have tonsil stones will suffer from mild to severe halitosis. Another noticeable trait is that you may find it difficult to swallow or sometimes there may a pain in your throat. Your tonsils may also become inflamed and swollen, as well. It is easy to dismiss this glob as a food particle or something similar, but if you notice any of these other symptoms, it is likely a tonsil stone. Luckily, they can be easily removed, with a bit of work and a cotton swab if you are able to control your gag reflex.

If this is a problem, I would suggest using products that have oxygen as an ingredient as research has shown that oxygen plays and important role in killing bacteria and in so doing eliminating that foreign object called a tonsil stone.

Reality : Tonsil Stones are stinky and dangerous

In conclusion, tonsil stone is quite dangerous for the health of the throat, in addition, if a tonsil stone has appeared in your throat, then you will experience other disorders associated with this condition such as bad breath. Immediately seek medical treatment and lose the tonsil stones in your throat.

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