Tonsil Stones Causes and Treatment

Tonsil stones or tonsilloliths is a condition where white or yellow bumps are found on your tonsils. Although tonsil stones may appear weird and cause discomfort, but actually they are not really harmful.

What causes tonsil stones and how to they form?

Some theories tell how tonsil stones form. Basically, tonsil stones are caused by particles of foods. Cells and mucus of food are caught in small pockets of tonsils.  As time goes on, they will harden becoming lumps, and the colors change to white and yellow. The lumps will form bacteria and cause foul breath.

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The Causes

The formation of spots of tonsil stones is caused by unknown, and also there is no particular reason. The followings can be the trigger of tonsil stones:

Poor oral health – unhealthy condition of mouth can cause the formation of tonsil stones. Yet, having hygienic mouth doesn’t mean that you will not be affected by tonsil stones, there is still a chance to have this oral disease.

Sinus infection – when you are currently suffering from sinus infection, the amount of mucus which pass through your tonsils will raise. So, the chance for tonsil stones to form is high.

Viral and bacterial infections – reasonably, these infections may become factor as well, as they have similarity with sinus infection.

Smoking – the habit can also be considered to have role to the growth of tonsil stones.

How do you know if you have had tonsil stones? Here are some symptoms which can possibly be recognized:

  • Noticing white bumps around area of your tonsils.
  • Feeling something stuck inside your throat.
  • Chronic bad breath.
  • Painful throat which causes difficulty swallowing.
  • Cough which may irritate throat and body.

In general, tonsil stones may heal from time to time. Yet, it is advisable to try out for some methods which can be able to get rid of your tonsil stones.

  • Gargling with salty water or mouthwash.
  • Waterpik to remove tonsil stones.
  • You may also try to erase tonsil stones by using toothbrush. But, you should dislodge them gently, as you might puke.
  • Using your finger to pull out the stones. Make sure that your fingers are sterilized.
  • If tonsil stones have no sign to get better, consult your doctor. You will probably be prescribed with antibiotics.
  • Another possible way to cure is through surgery, or lifting up your tonsils.

How to prevent tonsil stones?

To prevent recurrence, use mouthwash often to maintain the health of your mouth. Moreover, to brush and gargle with salty water after meals will also be alternative ways to avoid tonsil stones from coming back.

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