Tonsil stones are driving me can i stop them?


Man U Fanatic asks: (1 month ago)

Well im a not very confident person in fairly shy but now ive been getting tonsil stones has really hit me. They stink like poo and i will always be coughing them up and there will walways be more ready to follow…i try not to talk to peoples faces now because they will smell them. I brush my teeth, tongue everything and i even eat tic-tacs all the time, but nothing stops the smell.

Ive tried removing them myself, i just gag and when i looked in the mirror when doing so i could see a fair few up in my tonsil (im grossed out just writing this..) eurgh…what can i do? Thanks.


Jobo: (1 month ago)

I know exactly what you mean. Those stones are formed by exudation from infected tonsil. It must hurt when you swallow, and your tonsil must be swollen like two balls, one on each side of your throat. I suffered them until decided to take my tonsil out. The operation was fast and only hurt like a case of pharyngitis for a couple of days.

Talk to a Dr. of Nose and Throat, and tell him what you are going through. Don’t be shy when you talk to the Dr. for he is there to serve you: you are the one who pays him.

(i)(i)(i…: (1 month ago)

If they are really bad you might want to have your tonsils removed. I can’t really give you more advice than that although I use to get tonsil stones but I got a really nasty sinus infection and flu and my tonsils got all swollen up for a few weeks back in January. I haven’t had any tonsil stones since then.

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One thought on “Tonsil stones are driving me can i stop them?

  1. I get tonsil stones as well. It’s just gross old food pact into pockets of your tonsils. I went to the dentist and the ear nose and throat doctor who finally told me how common they are and surgery was a last resort choice. This is what I’ve done to rid my mouth of the foul little grossballs: bought a waterpik water flosser- okay get the countertop kind because the cordless kind has left my tonsils bleeding and sore sometimes and you get adjustable dials with the countertop kind. Upside is it works!! Once those little suckers are removed so is the bad breath! Another thing if you don’t want to spend a whole lot of money, try a suction bulb syringe (you know the thing you use to clean baby’s noses) fill it with warm salt water with some listerine and sit it as far back on your tongue as you can the gently squeeze. You will gag. Keep trying the gagging will lessen. I know what it’s like not looking people in the face fearing the dragon breath. This is working for me and I hope it helps you.

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