Tonsil Stone Extraction with Laser Cryptolysis

Lazer cryptolysis is a medical procedure that is now being used in the fight to remove tonsil stones. Tonsil stones are becoming a major problem.

The biggest problem apart from discomfort in the throat, is that they can cause extremely bad breath. One piece of advice is to reduce your dairy intake as it is believed that dairy can be one of the key ingredients for causing these stones.

But How?

75% of people are lactose intollerant. Dairy products cause post nasal drip which in turn is one of the main factors that cause the formation of tonsil stones

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2 thoughts on “Tonsil Stone Extraction with Laser Cryptolysis

  1. My wife pulled a tonsil stone out of her mouth one day and asked me to smell it. It nearly knocked me over it smelled so bad. Kind of like death, to be honest. She ended up having her tonsils and adenoids removed and the problem went away. I feel for anybody who has to live with tonsil stones.

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