Resolved Question: Tonsils are hard with white stuff on them?


Holly GoLightly asks: (2 weeks ago)

I noticed my tonsils have been a little swollen and they’re hard when I touch them. I also have white lines all over them. At first I thought it was tonsil stones so I tried to push some of the white stuff out, but my tonsils just started to bleed and hurt. That’s how I found out they were hard.

Anyone know what this could be? I don’t think it’s simple tonsil stones because I’ve had those before and they don’t hurt and it doesn’t make my tonsils swollen and hard to the touch. Please don’t just say, “Go see a doctor” I’m curious if anyone actually knows what this is.

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Jasmin: (2 weeks ago)

It may be mono. Mono can go away If you stay in bed, eat soup, take antihistamines. But its VERY contagious. But in some people it could Get worse. Any time your tonsils BLEED or anything bleeds in your throat that isn’t coming from your nose, is serious. Not trying to scare you, but you actually do need to see a doctor.
Feel better.

Don Star: (2 weeks ago)

I assume you’re a girl and this is not the first time you’ve had it. im sorry but you have to see the doctor. frequent tonsillitis can lead to rheumatic fever and heart disease. rheumatic heart disease is a little morecomplicated for ladies so discuss it with your doctor.

Momma M: (2 weeks ago)

Mine aren’t hard but when I do touch them and see if anything comes out they do end up bleeding VERY easily. I have always wondered about that too. I think that there IS an infection going on and sorry to say YOU NEED TO SEE A DR.

Skyler: (Edited 2 weeks ago)

This white build up is called tonsil stones.

Everything you need to know here:

And everything you need to know on how to prevent/treat:

Isa: (2 weeks ago)

This is just personal experience, as one that does have cryptic tonsils…. I’m prone to tonsil/adenoid infections and have been all my life. The only time I’ve seen white lines on my tonsils is when there is an infection (Strep). Most especially the fact that they feel hard leads me to that conclusion. You also shouldn’t be pushing on them hard enough to have bleeding, and if they bleed easily it’s hard to say why. So, it still has to be said – See a Dr. Get a culture done. From a visual examination, they’re likely to put you on antibiotics even before the culture is back but that test will tell them if you’re on the most effective one for whatever strain you’re dealing with.

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  1. Hi, I have the exact same problem and I’m going to see a Dr. tomorrow. I been trying to find out what the problem is, but most people would just say that they are tonsil stones…… -__-. Did you find out anything new over the 2weeks? It would be helpful!! Isa has the most reasonable explanation at the moment, Thank You.

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