Sore throat and a white spot on tonsil?


“Resolved Question: Sore throat and a white spot on tonsil?”
MORGAN asks: (1 year ago)

So, for the past two days I’ve had a sore throat. I thought it was because I scalded it with hot coffee, but it hasn’t gone away. Just now I looked at my throat in the mirror and there is a white spot on my left tonsil. I’ve also been having some dizziness and been noticeably more tired lately.

One final thing. It’s hard to tell whether or not I have a temperature, because my thermometer has been reading my temperature at 96.5 degrees for a couple of months now. No idea what that’s about, but right now it’s reading 97.8, which I guess would mean I have a temperature compared to normal, but I don’t know whether or not to trust it. Sorry, I’ve got to make things difficult. If it helps at all, I’m not really having any coughing or sneezing or any of that good stuff.


I’ve looked at pictures online, and it sort of looks similar to tonsillitis, but I only have a small white spot as opposed to my tonsils being coated with them, and I don’t have a hoarse voice or difficulty swallowing. I dunno, I guess I could be in the early stages? Maybe?


RAWRxx: (1 year ago)

My sister had it, but she had a big bubble on her tonsil and it was pale yellow.
See a doctor…their order you a spray or suggest you have it removed.

Tiffany: (1 year ago)


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