3 Methods to Get Rid of Tonsil Stones

Tonsil stones can become significant problem which influence and disserve your life. Generally speaking, tonsil stones are whitish or yellowish bumps which are located inside your neck. The stones are trapped inside unhygienic mouth that is containing particles of foods residue, white blood cells, and keratin.

Commonly, the stones may not cause problems if they are small or unnoticeable. Problem is possible to occur when the stones keep growing. In certain sizes, these stones can simply cause painful and uncomfortable symptoms for the sufferers, for example; severe cough, painful swallow, painful breathing, and many other symptoms. Nevertheless, you don’t need to worry, as you will soon find methods to help you stop the problem.

Get rid of tonsil stones in traditional ways

You can use toothbrush or cotton to disable tonsil stones which are trapped inside your mouth. The way it works is by firstly preparing mirror and flashlight. Use flashlight to highlight the area which is infected by tonsil stones, thus you may see it clearly.

With the help of flashlight, toothbrush, and cotton you can easily thrush the stones until they are dislodged. Make sure that you are not pressing too hard, as tonsil stones may eructate and cause other severe problems.

Gradually, tonsil stones can be pulled out. After getting some tonsil stones, you will need to gargle with mouthwash which contains alcohol and then spit it out. It is important to cleanse your tonsil stones entirely, since the left uncleansed tonsils will cause foul breath.

One thing which should be noted that you cannot forcefully press your affected area when taking out stubborn tonsil stones. If you have found difficulty to accomplish best result by doing this method, you should try the next methods.

Gargling with salty water for prevention

Another way to get rid of tonsil stones is by gargling with salty water. This home remedy enable us to naturally eliminate tonsil stones. You can create a mixture of warm water and iodized salt.

The mixture will also prevent recurrent tonsil stones on the same place. This method is likewise known as maintenance for your mouth by stopping the growth of bacteria and other nasty which can be found in the crevice of tonsils and around your mouth. So, it is advised to gargle with warm salty water after meals to keep your mouth healthy.

Chewing garlic

garlic get rid of tonsil stones 300x213 3 Methods to Get Rid of Tonsil Stones

In addition to the mentioned methods, one of ways to eradicate tonsil stones is garlic. We might be familiar garlic to be used in recipes, whereas it has plentiful efficacious effects which can maintain the health of your mouth, since it contains antibacterial agents.

Some people possibly dislike this method. Yet, this way can effectively overcome tonsil stones. Simply chew garlic within 10 minutes before going to bed. Reasonably, bacteria accumulates while you are falling asleep.

The methods above are treatments for getting rid of tonsil stones at home. You might want to think twice before attempting any one of the mentioned methods. However, you are able to firstly consult doctor to assure whether the methods are effective or suitable with your own condition or not.

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